The story of Canoley begins with the key figure in the making of history in 1588 Queen Elizabeth of England from the Golden Age of British history. As a strong, noble, and elegant mother of the nation, Queen Elizabeth has a delicate face and a tender look with an unwavering heart. The Queen looks after everyone. With the high tenacity of our spring mattress, you are also taken care of in your sleep. Acclaimed, a family heirloom like this is worthy of adding to the collection across generations.

卡諾依源自1588年締造英國歷史「黃金年代」核心人物,優雅的‧英國女王-伊莉莎白。 伊莉莎白女王像個強悍而高尚典雅氣質的國家之母,輕柔細膩的外表,卻有著堅毅的內心,守護著每個人,守護睡眠核心彈簧堅韌,讚譽詠嘆,值得世代傳家典藏。

Aiming at a relaxing sleep for all your family, and caring for the family bond, the materials selected for the mattress lining are finely processed layer over layer a hidden treasure that gives you a soft touch on the skin. Never compromising on sleep quality and ever-improving in the visual and sensory experiences, we take you on a journey about the aesthetics of slumber, and satisfy your every need of a good night’s sleep with more possibilities. Devoted into cutting-edge technology and technological breakthroughs with high quality, we are honored with “Taiwan Manufacturing Excellence Award” in Taiwan Excellence Awards.